About Fortuity

The Why's & The How's

CreekTown Systems, Alabama and eBLUESOFT, Kolkata are development partners since 2013 jointly working and developing enterprise solutions for the Asia-Pacific market. Since 2015, a new phenomenon started emerging in the market. Clients started asking for PoC (Proof of Concept) copies of projects before handing main contract. This was a perfectly logical demand, except for the fact that budgets allocated for these turned out to be thinner than the proverbial shoe-string.

We had to somehow do these without engaging the bulk of our premium human resource. That is where the concept of Fortuity Bootcamps came in. We started engaging with premier technical institutes hunting down talents we could train and then use them for a short burst of time.

It was a Win-Win-Win. Colleges and institutes loved the exposure and attention. Students got a dream opportunity to get trained and work on real world projects and we could produce PoCs with minimal involvement of our premiums development resource.










Changing the Bootcamp Landscape

Industry Experts

Debasish Kundu

Full Stack Dev., Ex-IBM

Shyamal Jana

Designer, Ex-IBM

Parameswar Banerjee


Soma Pal Basu

Co-Founder, Blog My Way

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Event Programme


Hour 1

Let there be Net.

Understanding how internet works & a brief insight to HTTP.

Hour 2

B Lee changes the world, and he wasn't Bruce or Bret.

HTML and how it evolved.


Hour 3

Time to be Pretty.

Early CSS to CSS3.

Hour 4

Lets be dynamic, shall we?

Javascript and client-side dyanmic web-pages.


Hour 5

Server & The Served, Request & The Response

Client-Server Architecture and the Request/Response model.

Hour 6

Perseveare. Hustle. Prosper. (PHP)

The basics of PHP. Decision structure, Iterative structures, data types, operations, simple programs, complex programs

Hour 7

Perseveare. Hustle. Prosper. (Some more)

Advanced PHP including form handling, sessions, globals, OOPS.

Hour 8

Shakespearean Love-Saga :: PHP & MySQL

Database concepts, SQL Statements, introduction to MySQL, using MyAdmin, simple & complex queries, PHP-MySQL integration.

Hour 9

App. At last.

Build the first web app using PHP, MySQL for Backend and HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript at Frontend.


Hour 10

Life without sync and why thats a good thing

Introduction to AJAX and how it works. Using AJAX to change the first app.

Hour 11

Javascript gets a Make-Over.

Introduction to jQuery Library and simplifying previous javascript UDFs.


Hour 12

App. Improved.

Creating another web-app with all the bells and whistles.

Hour 13

The Curse of the Mobile, The Bootstrap Boon & the Phonegap way

Issues of responsiveness. How to make web-apps work on mobiles. How to convert web-apps to phone apps.

Hour 14

A real app. Like really.

Create a responsive web-app with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap

Hour 15

A real server. Like really.

Install & Configure app on a online commercial web-server.

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Individual Students


  • 15 Hours Hands-On Training
  • 30 Hours LIVE Project
  • 1 Hour Soft-Skill Session
  • International Certificates
  • Overseas deployment opp.

Overseas Students


  • 60 Hours Hands-On Training
  • 120 Hours LIVE Project
  • Learning Kit, Accomodation
  • Access to e-library
  • International Certificate & Deployment